Spring 2014 Online e-Learning Class, 22 Sessions


School Ends May 2nd with Graduation on May 16th at the Global Presence Center

“This school changed my life!” 


Who is this School for?
This school is for musicians, singers, prayer leaders, intercessors, dancers, artists, sound techs, filmmakers, preachers, evangelists, business people, and anyone longing for a burning heart!
Purpose of this School
This school is designed to infuse students with the ability to recognize, value, and carry the presence of God and the greater reality of Heaven. From God’s presence, creativity in music, media, dance, drama, creative arts, and new ways of ministering will release the heartbeat of heaven, bringing heaven to earth through the airwaves and into the community. Prophetic worship and prayer will prepare the way! As the convergence of the prayer and worship movement with missions revival takes place, we will reap the greatest harvest in world history. God is preparing His people.
Be Part of a Global Movement

We are on the brink of the greatest move of God, and everything that can be shaken will be shaken until a consecrated, set-apart people given Holy unto Him comes on the scene and changes the landscape around them.

God is raising up a generation after His own heart. A heart of worship that exalts the King of Kings 24/7 is unstoppable in advancing the Kingdom. Wholehearted abandoned worshippers will advance the Kingdom of God with a love that wars against the things of darkness; “the Kingdom of Heaven has been forcefully advancing and forceful men lay hold of it,” Matt 11:12 (NIV). As hearts are ignited to burn24/7, we will see a boldness in God’s children to advance the Kingdom of God in all spheres of society, transforming the world around us. Transformed lives transform cities!


Online e-Learning

Introducing Global Presence e-Learning where you now have the flexibility to learn around your schedule. This school is an online course. Prior to the start of the school, you will get an email with instructions on how to access the e-Learning. Access to a computer is required.

Each of these 22 sessions conclude with reflection questions for personal application and transformation. All sessions build upon the previous session, so you must watch all of the e-Learning sessions and complete all the session materials to receive your certificate of completion by midnight, Friday, May 2nd to graduate on Friday, May 16th.

Instructors – “Equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry!”
Steven and Rene Springer; Senior Leaders of Global Presence Ministries; Kirk Bennett; Carolyn Haman of Global Presence Racine Prayer Room; Caleb Brundidge of XP Ministries; and Roland Worton of Soundforgers.


This School is a Prerequisite 

This School is a prerequisite if you would like to be considered for further involvement on a worship set at the Global Presence Prayer Room, 555 W. Mifflin Street, at Global Presence Ministries conferences, or for ministering and traveling with Global Presence Ministries Encounter Teams. Encounter Teams are sent out to ignite passion in churches, ministries, the marketplace, streets, and to the nations.

Ministry leaders and worship teams are also encouraged to attend, to train and strengthen them in leading the way in their ministries and churches.

Graduation Location:

Global Presence Center (5 minutes north of Madison)
6308 Pepsi Way
Windsor, WI 53598

Global Presence Center 6308 Pepsi Way, Windsor, WI 53598