Good Friday
“It Is Finished”

On Good Friday people were invited into an interactive journey to encounter the powerful love and forgiveness of Jesus as shown through His sacrifice.

The “It Is Finished” journey began in the Garden of Eden, showing God’s original intent for mankind. We were made to walk in perfect relationship with God. When that relationship was broken by our conscious decision to sin, God Himself made the way possible to win us back and to restore us. We put ourselves in the story of Jesus’ death. We counted out the coins used to betray Jesus. We identified with Peter when his world was shaking and said, “I do not know Him.” We, like Pilate, washed our hands as a symbol of taking the easy road. Our sin nailed Jesus to the cross. Through His blood, our healing is now available. Through His death, our sins are now forgiven. We are the joy set before Jesus – the reason He endured the cross. We left the guilt and shame and received the fullness of our new identity: no longer a sinner, but a redeemed child of God. Restored once again to that perfect relationship with God, we are royalty!

What people said about “It Is Finished” and the impact it made:

“It’s incredibly powerful. The presence of the Lord is so strong here. It’s so, so filled with truth, going between the Scriptures that you’re so familiar with and walking with the experiences the Lord had as He went through this. The power of sin really strikes you and the self-centeredness of our lives, and the way that the Lord has so powerfully freed us from all of that into our royal identity in Him.”

“I liked how it was made so personal.”

“It puts you right back so you can see everything that happened. It’s a lot more real than just reading about it.”



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