Heart of Worship Internship

Heart of Worship Internship
A life-changing course that will launch you into your destiny

Training for Musicians, Singers, Sound Techs, Prayer Leaders, Intercessors, Flaggers, Dancers,
Artists, Evangelists & those who desire to journey deeper into the heart of God.

The Heart of Worship Internship is offered periodically throughout the year.
Email us at info@globalpresence.com to be notified about the next class.

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Instructors: Steven & Rene Springer, Jason Farrington
With online training from Rick Pino, Caleb Brundidge, Brian Simmons, & Carolyn Haman

God is raising up a generation after His own heart – a people who live and thrive from a lifestyle of worship.

A lifestyle of worship flows from the revelation of knowing who you are as a son or daughter of God. Knowing the depths of the Father’s love and being transformed by the truth of His nature begins to unlock the destiny and purpose you were created for. You were created to be loved, and to love; to move in power and authority; and to release the greater reality of God’s presence here on earth.

HOW - Steve and Rene Springer

Instructors Steven and Rene Springer have taught this course in nations around the world, including in Korea, Ghana & Taiwan. They share revelation from years of walking with the Lord and moving in power.











Worship Director Jason Farrington will lead the hands-on training, equipping you in how to be part of a worship team.













In the online portion of the class, you will receive training from instructors such as
Rick Pino, Caleb Brundidge, Bible translator Brian Simmons, and Carolyn Haman.

The Heart of Worship Internship  is a hybrid of both live and online teaching, with hands-on worship application at the end of the course.

This internship includes:

·      10 weeks of classroom training and activation

·      1-2 hours per week of online instruction

·      Manual with course outline, questions & additional handouts

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·      Full payment by April 18th


·      Payment plan:

April 18th – 1st payment of $50
May 16th – 2nd payment of $50
June 13th – 3rd payment of $49

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