Global Presence Transformation Center
Gbefi, Ghana, Africa

Be part of Societal Transformation in Ghana, Africa!

Sponsor a child for $50 a month. Learn more

Sponsor a child for $50 a month.
Learn more

Private Boarding School & Vocational Academy
Opening September 2017

Let’s join together to raise the school start-up fund of $70,000.
All donations are tax-deductable.


This funding provides:

  • Renovations & building expansion
  • Employment of Ghanaian faculty: 15 teachers, 2 administrators
  • Purchasing furniture, school supplies & trade equipment

The Private Boarding School will strengthen the community through:
Greater educational opportunities, mentoring, strong Christian values, and teachers wholly invested in students.

The Vocational Academy will benefit the community through:
Entrepreneurship, trades and skills, innovation, efficiency, collaboration & partnership with community & businesses, stewardship and ingenuity.

Vocational Training to be Offered
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Auto mechanics
  • Welding
  • Fishery
  • Textile & apparel
  • Bible School

Our History in Ghana
Global Presence Transformation Center

How it all Began Miracles open doors for ongoing Transformation A must-see documentary

How it all Began.  Miracles open doors for ongoing Transformation. A must-see documentary


transformation-center-page-2011Touch the Heart of a King, Transform Nations
First team sent from Global Presence to bring Kingdom of God to Ghana.
The Chiefs of Gbefi were miraculously healed by the power of God and, out of gratitude and hope for greater impact, gave Global Presence 50 acres of land with 3 buildings.






transformation-center-page-2012Renovations Begin
Signing the deed to the land. Digging a well at Transformation Center. Begin renovation of first building: Prayer and Worship Center. Teams sent from Global Presence for ministry in Ghana – many signs, wonders & miracles, including a witch doctor receiving Jesus and being baptized, and being healed from blindness!






transformation-center-page-2013Training & Equipping, Centered on God’s Presence – 
Prayer and Worship Center completed! First of many trainings for regional pastors. Monthly gatherings to pray for God to bring revival to the Volta Region. Began renovations of second building: Hope Home Orphanage. Teams sent from Global Presence for ministry in Ghana – many signs, wonders, miracles & salvations!






transformation-center-page-2014Opening of Hope Home Orphanage
with 27 children, 11 Ghanian staff, and 2 American Missionary staff. Purchased bus for transportation of Hope Home children to and from school. More teams sent from Global Presence for ministry in Ghana – many signs, wonders, miracles & salvations!






transformation-center-page-2015Emotional, Physical, & Spiritual Transformation – We have seen many salvations, healings and even the dead being raised! The Children of the Hope Home have developed emotionally and physically and are leading in their academics, as well as in faith. When teams come from the US the children become translators and join in praying for the sick.






transformation-center-page-2016Impacting Education – More salvations and many healings! The children of the Hope Home continue to do well in school. They often lead in worship and prayer. Since our involvement in the community, the public schools are transforming: Teacher attendance and timeliness increased from 30% to 75%. (Where teachers were often late or absent, they are now present, and the schools are improving as a result.)






DonateNowYour opportunity to be involved!
Coming September 2017: Private Boarding School
The Hope Home children will be first students of the school with enrollment available to other children in the surrounding villages.
Coming September 2017: Vocational Academy