International Students

International Students – Tour of Madison

“Welcome to the U.S.A.!” With more than 5,900 international students enrolled at UW-Madison, many of them coming to America for the first time, what better way to connect with some of them than by giving a tour of Madison and welcoming them into our homes?

Global Presence joined InterVarsity, a Christian campus ministry, in their annual Tour of Madison for international students. Amazingly gifted (or happy-to-volunteer) teams consisting of a driver and a reader took 2 to 3 foreign students on an excursion through fascinating downtown Madison before meeting up with other teams at designated host homes. Seeing beautiful and historic sights such as the Capitol, Olbrich Gardens, and significant establishments around the city proved to be a great experience for everyone. The students learned practical information about life in Madison, including how to take the bus and where to find the best ice cream.

At the conclusion of the tour, the Springers’ home was filled with Chinese students and Global Presence volunteers. We had a wonderful time getting to know each other as the students showed us their hometowns on a map of China.

This was not a directly evangelistic outreach, but our goal was to welcome and love people and to give them opportunity to stay connected. As we opened our hearts, the students saw firsthand how loving Christians are. One young lady joined us the following week for our Sunday morning worship gathering at Global Presence Center and gave her life to Jesus! Come on, God!