A Historic Evening for Wisconsin
Highlights from Chuck Pierce Event

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February 6th was a historic night for the State of Wisconsin. We had the privilege and honor of hosting a Wisconsin Regional Gathering – Open the Floodgates with ChuckPierce. The night began with the blasting of the ram’s horn, shofars, and trumpet setting the tone for the evening. This led into a powerful time in worship declaring the awakening and igniting of the people of God and that “the sons and daughters will prophesy.”

Chuck Pierce shared this is the year of the whirlwind of heaven. It is a time to watch and war. There is a door of hope in the valley of decision. The heavens are shifting nations in the valley of decision! What God is doing in the State of Wisconsin will affect the nation. We are the river state–the place where the river of God will flow from. We are an apostolic state which will cause the awakening to flow to the nation. There is a new movement being released–the river movement, and it begins NOW!

Many powerful proclamations were made over our capitol city of Madison; the city of Milwaukee; and the overall state of Wisconsin. As Chuck stated, these words are “seeds to our future” for our state, and have the opportunity to flourish as the region prays in to them and calls them forth. The floodgates of His presence have been opened! How we respond in this hour determines the future of our state and nation. Let’s partner together in prayer and worship with what God is wanting to establish–for such a time as this!

To View the Official Transcript of the Prophetic Word for Wisconsin by Chuck Pierce, Click Here.

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