Shifting Atmospheres Highlights

Steve and Rene HighlightThis past Memorial Day Weekend at the Shifting Atmospheres Conference was powerful! Global Presence Ministries and Steven and Rene Springer, Senior Leaders, hosted guest speakers Mark Chironna, James Goll, and Shawn Bolz; and talented artist, Janet Hyun.

The Lord is releasing a grace to shift atmospheres–bringing the reality of heaven to earth in this hour! It all starts with shifting the atmosphere in our personal lives and families, which then translates to shifting work places, neighborhoods, regions, and ultimately nations.






Mark Chironna HighlightMark Chironna took us to the depths and greater revelation of moving as sons and daughters of God. As we begin to know who we are as sons and daughters, that reality begins to shift the atmospheres wherever we set our foot. God is not interested in our role or position, but the essence of who we are–His children. He shared how it is so important to feed on the revelation of who the Father says we are. See photos here





James Goll HightlightJames Goll joined us via video chat on Saturday afternoon. He shared on the importance of allowing the Holy Spirit to permeate and shift our mindsets. We must have a long-term mindset as the “body” is being awakened to the greatest revival and renewal we have ever seen. We are in the beginning stages of the shaking of the church. This next great awakening is going to channel His presence and power leading us into societal transformations around the world.  See photos here





Shawn Bolz Highlight

Shawn Bolz spoke passionately about how the world is worthy of the God who loves. God is training us how to be a conduit of love. There is a greater level that He wants to give us, but He can’t until we come into the full maturity as the body of Christ. The Father is looking for a generation to do life with–to walk in the authority of His love that will shift the atmospheres around us, impact our families, neighborhoods, cities, and regions.  See photos here


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