Kingdom Culture 01

This past Friday night, February 27th, we had the honor of hosting a great father of the faith, Che Ahn. The atmosphere was charged with praise and worship, and the love of the Father kept pouring out. Che also gave the call for salvation; people received Jesus and others re-committed their lives to Him. Miracles took place and many people were healed from hearing issues, breathing problems, and more.

During his message, Che shared his testimony and a powerful word with 10 Decrees of Blessing. As he shared each of these decrees (Love, the Grace of God, the Power of the Holy Spirit, Identity, Christlike Character, God’s Kingdom, Healing & Blessing, Family, Prosperity, and Destiny), he would declare it over the whole room of people, and it was received with a resounding, “Amen!”

To see more pictures from the Kingdom Culture event with Che Ahn, visit our facebook page.