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Steven and Rene Springer are the Senior Leaders of Global Presence Ministries based in Madison, WI. Global Presence is an Apostolic Regional Center (ARC) which is fueled by the Global Presence Prayer Room. The Prayer Room is central to who we are and what we do–valuing and hosting a place of God’s presence. The Global Presence Center also includes Equipping and Sending; Community Gatherings (both corporate and home); health and wellness with a fitness center, healing rooms and the Global Presence Apostolic Network of churches, prayer rooms and ministries in the USA and Africa.

Steven and Rene flow strongly in the apostolic, prophetic and evangelistic anointing. Their heart is to raise up and release a generation in the fullness of their destiny to transform society with the Gospel of the Kingdom. Their fiery love for Jesus and love for His people have opened the doors to impact cities, regions and nations. They have ministered in places such as Ghana, Uganda, India, Israel, Italy, Taiwan, Korea and Russia. By radical pursuit of the presence of God, following the Holy Spirit, and releasing the Father’s heart, they have seen thousands of salvations and deliverances, as well as miracles, signs, and wonders with the deaf hearing, the lame walking, blind eyes opened, and tumors disappearing. They are given to the vision… Bringing God’s Presence, Advancing His Kingdom, and Transforming Nations.

James Goll, Che Ahn, and Patricia King are spiritual fathers and mother to Steven and Rene and are part of the Global Presence Apostolic Advisory Council. Global Presence Ministries is part of the H.I.M. Apostolic Network (led by Che Ahn) and Global Legacy (led by Bill Johnson). Steven and Rene are a part of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE) led by Cindy Jacobs.


“I was at New Song in Springfield when Steven and Rene came and spoke. I just want to thank Rene from the bottom of my heart and the deepest depths of my soul for her prayer over me. Somehow she knew an incredible amount of what was going on in my life. She prophesied over me saying a lot of things about myself that nobody even knows. My body couldn’t stop shaking and I broke down emotionally. I felt the presence of God. I will always remember today. Rene gave me some of the most encouraging words ever spoken to me. Words cannot begin to describe what I felt and how grateful I am.”

Payton M.

“Steven, Rene, Elizabeth – We’re so grateful that you all made time to come to Springfield, Oregon yesterday. Thank you for sharing your testimony with us and for ministering to everyone who came. That was truly wonderful! Bryson is such a treasure to us as well and a tremendous servant of the Lord. The word of knowledge he received while I was busy talking with my sons, was from the Lord for the healing of my hands (I’m a musician) – I thank Jesus for that wonderful gift. I have no pain today, and had been seeing a hand therapist because I had been experiencing deep pain in my thumbs after worship and after gigs. My greatest desire yesterday was for my family to see another family (yours) that works together for the advancement of the kingdom of God. It was so cool to see the three of you working together the way you do. Thank you for inviting the children to come up as well – this is on my wife’s heart and mine as well, to see our children get involved in the work of Jesus, rather than simply learning about him in Sunday school. That’s why I ran out to get my boys (ages 5 and 9).  Your example (as well as that of Bryson’s) really helped set a vision for me of what family can look like, following Jesus and walking in faith. Thank you!”

Tom T.


Honoring Steven Springer on Father’s Day


Honoring Rene Springer on Mother’s Day


Thank you for your gracious invitation to have Steven and/or Rene Springer minister in your area.  They are humbled and honored by your request.  As a ministry, we prayerfully consider every invitation that we receive.   To assist us in gathering all of your information, please complete the following form.

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