The presence of God cultivated through prayer and worship is the epicenter from which all else is formed and established through Global Presence.
Global Presence has 2 prayer rooms:
  1. Regional Prayer, Worship, and Creative Arts Center – located within Global Presence Center at 6406 Bridge Road Madison, WI.
  2. Ghana, Africa Prayer and Worship Center – located in the village Gbefi at the Global Presence Transformation Center which includes our Hope Home orphanage

Through relational alignment Global Presence offers leadership support to 2 network Prayer Rooms; Global Presence Racine Prayer Room and Global Presence Prayer Room Iron Mountain.

Open to the public
Regional Prayer Room, Worship and Creative Arts Center
6406 Bridge Road, Madison, WI 53713

Open Hours

  • Tue: 6pm – 9pm
  • Thur: 6pm – 9pm

Prayer for healing is available during open hours.

Global Presence Prayer Rooms 
  • A place of encounter which ignites hearts to burn 24/7.
  • The convergence of the prayer and worship movement with the missions revival to advance the Kingdom of God.

The Prayer Rooms are the heartbeat of Global Presence Ministries. They were formed to pursue the presence of God, similar to the tabernacle of David (1 Chronicles 22–24).  They are a place where we worship the Lord and intercede for our community and our world.  The worship sets transition throughout the day, and each is guided by the heart of intercession, worship with the Word and prophetic worship as Holy Spirit leads.

As we exalt Jesus in the beauty of His holiness, He will draw all men unto himself and they will encounter the power of His love.  We are convinced that the Kingdom of God is advanced through prayer and worship.  Everything flows from the first commandment – Loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. From that place, we are empowered to live out the second commandment  – love your neighbor as yourself.

What to Expect
There may be songs where the love of God is powerfully expressed, or there may be more intense and aggressive sounds of intercession and high praise.  This is a place where you can behold the beauty of God, worship with abandonment in dance, spend time in the Word of God, engage in prophetic intercession, create art or receive prayer. We believe the arts are a powerful way of expressing worship to God via music, poetry, painting, drawing, drama, or dance.

Targeted Intercession
If you are interested in targeted intercession times (i.e government, education, family, arts/entertainment, business, religion, media and social justice) please email

Why a House of Prayer?


The Prayer Room was featured in the Herald-Independant.
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